Underfloor heating installation

Underfloor heating is an excellent solution for ensuring comfort in your apartment or house, not only during the cold season. An adequately installed underfloor heating can fully provide heating for your home or apartment.

Nowadays, there are two types of underfloor heating:

  • Water (hydraulic) underfloor heating;
  • Electric underfloor heating. 

Let’s describe which type of underfloor heating is better and when.

From a technical point of view, water and underfloor heating can be installed in any premises, whether an apartment, a house, or a separate room. In the case of water floor heating, the main requirement is the ability to raise the screed from the subfloor by 10-12 cm. In the case of electric underfloor heating, if you just have a cable, the conditions are the same; you need 10 cm available to install a warm floor. If you have a mat with a cable already laid, you can establish such a structure directly under the tiles.

It is important to remember that a specialist must install underfloor heating because such systems are not repairable, and any breakdown will disable the entire system.

A water floor heating system will be significantly more expensive than an electric floor heating system, especially if you are talking about prepared mats with a cable.

Concerning the heating bills, everything needs to be clarified. A water floor heating system will be significantly cheaper than an electric one in winter. However, electric floor heating allows you to heat only specific small areas for a certain period, which is beneficial throughout the year. Water floor heating in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen is often combined with electric floor heating. This is to make these areas comfortable and cost-effective throughout the year.

If electric underfloor and water heating are correctly selected and designed, they will perform equally well during their operation. Well-made underfloor heating can fully ensure comfortable conditions in any room.

Underfloor heating can be used everywhere, in any room and any building. Using a floor heating system frees up additional space in the room and does not spoil the design.

Do you want to install underfloor heating? We will help you. Define the purpose for which you want to install underfloor heating. Provide the measurements of the premises or invite us to your place. And we will find the most favorable offer for you!