Annexes and attics

Do you need more space in your house? Then expand it!

Creating additional living space will make your family happier and increase the market value of your home!

Here are some options how for increasing your living space:

  • The complete construction of additional rooms outside your home will increase the total area without significant financial losses. After all, you do not have to leave the house during construction, and the budget spent on new structures is fully compensated when you sell it. As a result, you will get a new space without destroying the existing structure.
  • Constructing an extension on top is another excellent method if your house territory limits you. Before building an attic, you need to check the strength of the structure and foundation.  Arranging an attic or converting an attic into a residential room will help to increase the living space of the building without unnecessary construction work.
  • A basement is often a better choice for conversion than an attic because it is usually more robustly constructed. The walls are more robust, and the floor is supported by solid ground. Humidity is almost always a problem, but it can be solved!
  • Demolishing odd walls in the house and combining small rooms will create a more comfortable living environment and visually increase the space in the house.
  • Converting a garage into a living space is also an option, but this can reduce the house’s value. After all, cars also need storage space. 

If you plan to increase the area of your house, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will study the available drawings in detail, carry out the necessary measurements/research, prepare project documentation, and perform all construction work professionally and efficiently.