Stucco and painting works

Stucco and painting are one of the first and final stages of interior decoration.  They require exceptional care and conscientiousness from the contractor repairing. When performing plastering, finishing, or painting works, our specialists act according to the technology of work performance:

    • Cleaning the surface – to remove old wallpaper and paint, putty, and plaster from the walls and ceiling, which do not adhere well;
    • Primer coating – used to create a reliable adhesion (improve adhesion) of the upper layers of the coating to the treated surface;
    • Hand or machine stucco (used to eliminate wall irregularities and prepare the surface for putty);
    • Another layer of primer (you already know what it is for);
    • Surface puttying is the application of special putty mixtures to smooth out surface irregularities;
    • Sanding the surface. After applying the putty mixture, it is essential to sand the cover with an abrasive sanding mesh with a small grain diameter. This procedure is mandatory and is used to make the surface perfect. After sanding, the surface is primed again;
    • Wallpapering is one of the most common types of interior finishing;
    • Surface painting is the most common way of finishing wall decoration

    The price for internal finishing works is calculated individually after the object is observed. Plastering or puttying, painting, or wallpapering is carried out only by experienced specialists of the company who have the appropriate education and know their job well.

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