Motorhomes. Tiny Houses

A motorhome is the realization of the dream of a comfortable vacation anywhere. This is your tiny home, favorite things, comfort, and coziness in the middle of the forest, in the mountains, by the sea… Whatever you like, noisy festivals or loneliness, motorhomes from the Ukrainian manufacturer will become a reliable and comfortable shelter.


Until now, Tiny Houses from the Ukrainian manufacturer have been bought in France, Portugal, and Germany. Today, GH-group is pleased to offer extraordinary mobile homes from Ukraine for customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Advantages of mobile homes:

  1. Product from the manufacturer. Depending on the model, design, and equipment, your house can be ready in two to three weeks. We guarantee European quality work using modern technologies.
  2. Logistics. You don’t have to worry about the delivery of your home to any place in Europe. Our logistics partner will do it in a timely and thorough manner. We will do everything for you.
  3. Working with us will be fine; partners in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium will help with the installation and maintenance of your house.
  4. Thanks to Tiny House, you can be independent of a permanent place of residence.
  5. Your house can be easily made unconnected to power grids and other communications in case you decide to run away from the civilized world.
  6. Our houses are made of environmentally friendly materials and can be equipped with various alternative energy sources.
  7. We build quickly, from ordering to settlement, in 3–5 weeks.
  8. Each house is made individually and can fully meet your wishes.
  9. When your house becomes too small, you can increase its area – order new modules from us, and it will be quick and hassle-free again.

Contact us! The motorhome is waiting for you! We make your dreams come true!!!