Engineering networks

Comfortable modern life is only possible with electricity, water supply, heating, and ventilation. These systems combine the concept of engineering networks (engineering communications). In other words, engineering networks provide us with electricity, heating, clean water, and air.

The main engineering networks (communications) include electricity, gas, water, heating, air exchange systems (air conditioning and ventilation), plumbing, and sewage.

  • Electricity

Electricity is the most critical engineering network of a private house. The stable functioning of the power supply system will be the key to the smooth operation of all other networks: water supply, heating, and sewage. To ensure that the power supply system operates smoothly, it is necessary to carry out all the required calculations and think over the electrical circuit, including all the essential elements, load, and consumers, before starting installation.

We can perform a full range of electrical work:

  • projecting of electricity network 
  • electrical network installation (cable laying, installation of lighting fixtures and fittings);
  • conducting commissioning and adjustment works.
  • Water supply 

The water supply system is intended for drinking, household, firefighting, and other needs. The design of the system takes into account all the requirements and loads, as well as the area’s features: whether it is possible to connect to a centralized water supply system, and if not, the need to create an autonomous water supply, i.e., drilling wells.

  • Plumbing network and sewerage

A sewerage system is a set of equipment, facilities, and networks designed to intake, drain, treat, and disinfect wastewater. The proper functioning of the sewer system is only possible with the development of a preliminary design. When designing, special attention is paid to the requirements of environmental sustainability, safety, and ease of operation of the sewer system, the availability of a centralized sewer network, the choice of location, the number of residents, the number of bathrooms, sinks and household appliances that require water disposal.

We provide: 

  1. planning the plumbing networks and sewerage;
  2. installation of sewage septic tanks;
  3. plumbing network installation 
  4. plumbing equipment installation 
  5. equipment set up and maintenance 
  • Heating

The heating system plays a vital role in the comfort of house residents’ life. When designing the system, it is necessary to make a calculation considering the average winter temperature, heating equipment and its capacity, fuel type, and heat loss of the building. 

Our company provides the following services:

  1. designing and selecting of heating system and its elements
  2. installation of heating system components
  3. heating system commissioning and maintenance 
  • Ventilation 

The main task of the ventilation system complex is to ensure a clean and comfortable air environment.

The development of design solutions for ventilation systems is a mandatory stage in the construction of buildings or residential buildings. Installation of such systems without a preliminary design can lead to consequences such as noise, drafts, or excessive energy consumption.

Our experience in the construction market allows us to perform the entire cycle of work on the installation of ventilation systems, namely: 

  • planning ventilation system;
  • equipment supply 
  • installation and commissioning.